Baby, now you know that not all things in life are sweet - as proven by a lemon. LOL!

Despite the sourness of this citrus fruit, it seems that they can't get enough of it, just like life - sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, and sometimes tasteless.

Going back, let me share an essay writing service screenshot photos of baby J as his parents let him tries his first lemon zest.

He's so adorable! ^_^

his first time

he still don't know how to do poker face but see how expert our baby making his first "sour face"

another new and different kind of feeling for him - shudder mode

love and hate look in front of a lemon, so cute!

the lemon's magnet effect on him

no change of feeling, same sour reaction

See how he made it with their family dinner. What a discovery baby J. ^_^