You are living on your own. And it is your first. Good job!

Now you have more control over your space, time, finances and valuables.  The challenge is now yours how you can handle and survive the independent life. Others did, so there is no reason you would not be able to do so.

Let us talk about few tips how you can work independent living like a pro!

Take photos of your place.

DO not let your tenants charge you for unnecessary repairs.

Ensure to take a picture how the house looked before you moved in and when you finally transferred. You cannot be blamed for damages you did not occur. You should be asked to pay for something outside of your responsibility.

Take care of the house as though it is your own. In case you come across a great landlord, the person might even refer you to other homeowners they know and give you excellent recommendations. Then you can probably negotiate lease rates better. You earned yourself a good record as a tenant, after all.

Invest only in kitchen tools you will need.

Do you really need to purchase a dozen china? How about a mug set? How many pairs of spoon and fork do you plan to buy?

Be practical. If you are on your own, you would not need several kitchen utensils. You not only save time. You also save money. Also, this tells visitors indirectly that you are not yet ready to accept a housemate and that you’re taking solo living seriously. Your supplies are good for a couple or two so much so you might need to take turns eating or sharing a plate so you can eat together.

Looking forward, this would also mean moving homes a lot easier and faster.

Don’t leave keys under the mat.

Burglars are wiser now than ever. They know every location you are possibly hiding your keys. Stop that habit of you leaving keys somewhere accessible to anyone.

Ask a trusted friend keep a duplicate in case you lose yours. Then bring your keys anywhere you are. Avoid holding all of them together using one chain. This will only cause you more troubles as you will lose everything when you lose one.

See to it that your doors are properly locked before you leave.

Befriend neighbors and community officers.

When you are in good terms with the family living next door as well as the neighborhood officers, you need not install security equipment on your home that will only cost you higher on maintenance.

When you are away for instance, you can request your good neighbor to check your unit for you. You can also ask the same favor from the community officers.

They can notify your night away in case they notice someone suspicious lurking around your place. They can empty the mailbox for you so onlookers would not have a clue no one’s in at the moment.

Independent living does not have to mean you taking everything on your own and ignoring everyone around. It is also about being able to adjust on the new environment you are in, and  taking the initiative to reach out to others. Because nobody else can do it for you, but you.

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray decided to live on her own so she could build herself a writing sanctuary. She deems she’s more effective when she’s alone and the place is quiet. Even a 100-word essay writing output would seem like writing a novel to her in an overly busy location.