So this is your dream - globetrotting while pursuing your dream career.

You were looking forward to this day. Your company assigned you to visit your office’s headquarters abroad, and meet with prospective clients. You couldn’t be happier the opportunity came by.

Your stay is temporary so you believe you can manage dealing with homesickness.

But then, you realized it takes a lot of work adjusting to a new environment. You knew this back in college when you first moved into the campus dorms. But the longing you are enduring today is nothing compared to that.

How do you help yourself ease the sadness and focus instead on the primary reason you have flown miles away?

Write your heart out.

Missing someone? Let them know you miss them so bad. Send them a quick message. You might just receive a surprise call. Sometimes, we need to set aside our pride so we can help ourselves feel better.

Another way to direct gloomy moments to more productive, worthwhile activities is by writing for others.

Share travel tips. Document your experiences touring the place and interacting with locals. Publish your outputs online. You can use the conversations you forge with other users to keep your mind occupied. The posts you produce may even be a substantial addition to your career portfolio.

Connect with friends.

What is better way to get rid of homesickness than communicating with people that make you feel at home?

Go video chat with your friends. It is the fun of seeing them on screen and talking to them real time just like the old times that will help you smile. This might however take you staying up late due to time zone differences. But it is going to be worth the effort for sure.

Keep a thank you journal.

Instead of catering to sad thoughts, think about the good things that happened to you during the day.

And then record them on a notepad which you can review anytime. You probably are too bent thinking negative that you already fail to notice the bright side of life. Making a new friend, receiving compliments here and there, and showing random acts of kindness - these are few instances that you should be grateful of.  And be looking forward to sharing with your loved ones once you get back home.

In case something goes out of hand at work, do not take it too personally. No one would bother writing about the mistakes we have made while we are living. Unless of course if you are someone prominent. Once we’re gone, our traces - how we spent our life - shall also be gone. So live for the moment, and see the beauty in everyday.

Remind yourself that this too, shall pass.

You accepted the job opportunity knowing this shall only last temporarily. So stop yourself from harboring sad thoughts. The pain stays as long as you allow it to.

You know your loved ones would not be pleased to know you are all along feeling blue. Also, remind yourself everytime that you were the one who wanted this. And in pursuing your goals, it is inevitable to make few sacrifices along the way. In this case, it is being away from your loved ones.

So smile. You do not want self-inflicted pain take away what you have been working so hard for.