When summer comes, the university is at rest and its students go on vacation. Most of these college students would take advantage of the summer break and travel, while some would opt to have a summer job. Some would work in a food chain, offer gmat help, on a field research and many other options.

Why not be your own boss instead of working for someone else? The profit is even higher. But remember, the higher the earnings, the bigger the responsibilities.

As an entrepreneur who experienced doing seasonal businesses, below are some of the business ideas that would fit students who wants to have an extra income this summer.

Offer travel services. If the place you lived in is a tourist destination, take advantage of it, provide guided tours. Most of the visited areas are those related to the place’s history, culture and scenery. Don’t be disappointed if you are not in this kind of place, another option is restaurant tour that is becoming popular now. Through these suggestions, I’m sure you’ll have an idea of what is applicable to offer.

Sports gear rental. Summer is the best time to get moving and there’s a big appetite for being sporty – badminton, skateboarding, cycling, diving and other sports that requires related equipment. With the weather, location and right gears, this business idea is a sure money market.

eBay online selling. If you’re the type of person who happens to have several networks and know some suppliers of clothing, shoes and accessories, online selling is for you. Equipped with quality products and selling skills in the internet, you’re good to go. The key is proper market research and time management. You can even continue doing this business even summer is over.

Online writing. If you are skilled in writing, this kind of job online is your buddy. You can work anywhere and at anytime in the convenience of your home. Some with built reputation hire other writers to do task like term paper help for students.

Landscaping or gardening services. This type of business goes well with summer, the time when different designs of landscapes are highlighted. Aside from pure landscaping service, one can extend his work to gardening and the likes if you also have the relate skills.

I hope these suggested business ideas would be of help in utilizing your entrepreneurial skills while on summer break. Continue learning while earning!