As U.S President Barack Obama openly declared his support for same-sex marriage,  gays and lesbians have reached a new milestone in their decades-long journey for equality in the eyes of the law and the world. Theirs was a struggle that is dated 30 years ago.  The movement hit a big chunk of iceberg in 1996 when the Defense of Marriage  Act was enacted (DOMA) - this prohibits the federal state to recognize marriages of the same sex and for states to also shun marriages of this nature that occur outside their territory.

This bold move of Obama is drawing big applause from the gay and lesbian community and at the same time has greatly irked those who are against the thought of two people of the same gender to be married in the eyes of the law and be given the same rights and privileges that heterosexual marriages enjoy.  I am a strong supported in gender equality which includes equal footing in marriage. I have long been pouring myself in stories of the struggles of gay and lesbians to get hitched without any fear of being condemned or harassed. For related same sex marriage articles you can check and see this site yourself:

In this regard, I am going to tell their story via the photos of the most epic moments of the struggle to be wed in the United States of America.

This photo documents the beginning of the rally gay rights movement. This occurred during the early 1970s.

The declaration that marked a major hindrance to the dream of same-sex marriage being possible in America.

Massacussetts becames the first state to approve same-sex marriage- 2004

California issues marriage licenses in the city of San Francisco - 2004: Same-sex marriage on hold as of 2012

Connecticut gives civil union licenses to people of the same gender - 2008 - Civil marriage approved in 2010.

Iowa also recognizes same-sex marriage as well - April 2009

Vermont follows suit - April 2009

District of Columbia rules the same also - 2009

New Hampshire Gets into the  bandwagon as well - January 2011

New York makes history as well - July 2011

New Jersey does the same - February 2012

Maryland will begin to wed couples of the same sex - January 2013