While thinking of a topic for my custom essay writing on A-Writer, I had a little chat with my mother about my childhood days. She told me that I was seven months when she enrolled me for a swimming lesson.

She said that I enjoyed my first time and had no underwater issues or whatsoever. Since this chat with my mom, I've been so into swimming babies in videos. It's like living a part of me from the past.

Well, I do swim until now. The feeling is just different when your thoughts leads you to childhood days. On the other hand, thinking that my own baby (someday) will have his or her first swimming lesson is mind blowing and makes me feel so nervous.

Here are some of the best videos of swimming babies I’ve seen so far:

My curiosity leads me to ask you... has it ever came to you to take your baby for a swimming lessons and actually did it? How was it? Do you think it is smart thing to do or it's just a crazy thought? I would like to know! ^_^